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Website design for Dr. Dimou and his chiropractic and podiatry centre in the south suburbs of Athens. The new center is now located in a very quiet neighborhood in Ano Glyfada. The podiatry room provides equipment for static and dynamic gait analysis and foot scanning examination whilst each chiropractic room has a different type of table that enables the chiropractor to select the most appropriate form of treatment for the patient.

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We created a new, strong and fresh design to bring out the best in their chiropractic and podiatry services. The website consists of information to inform the visitors of the treatments and how Dr. Dimou can help them treat various problems. Also historical information is given that shows Dr. Dimou is the 7th generation therapist to practice Chiropractic. We combined the process with user testing to make sure the site is easy to navigate. The CMS makes it easy to update their content, photos and their service offers.

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  • User testing
  • Website CMS

Search Engine Optimisation

To achieve high levels of sales from SEO we identified the core terms that bring results. This is a process too many organisations fail to consider. The purpose of SEO is not to drive traffic but to drive relevant, quality traffic that will lead to sales.

We researched the most popular keywords and developed a strategy of how they'll be used. This resulted in a list of keywords that helps the clinic generate new business enquiries.

  • Research
  • Sitemap with metadata and titles
  • Page optimisation

Custom Components

Dr. Dimou asked for an online patient record software that holds all patient's history and visit information. Also allow the doctor to make basic drawings that help him understand each patient's problem at a glance. Same component can facilitate file attachments such as patient's x-rays or other digital files produced by equipment at the clinic.

A back-office booking facility is developed within this system too. The online booking software allows each doctor in the clinic to book appointments for their patients with a choice of day, week or month views. This gives the doctors quick access to their schedule from anywhere and any time.

Finally, visitors can now book their appointment online by filling a simple form which is integrated to the back-office booking facility. This facility helps admin stuff to save time and manage all bookings easier and quicker.

Support & Maintenance

Once a website is live needs looking after to keep it running smoothly and perform well. We keep the CMS and site extensions up to date and make scheduled improvements and technical changes to the site over time.

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  • Ongoing support
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