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Musical Money eShop

Musical Money is a successful online store:

  • It is easy to add products to
  • Has a simple checkout procedure
  • Performs well in search engines
  • Integrates seamlessly with PayPal and Google
  • Submits automatically new products to search engines
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With our ecommerce design services we included user testing and SEO and we created a brand to build a shop to be proud of.

The Process

Design - Created a custom design based on the new brand. The website is easy to use on any device and full of the latest e-commerce technology.

SEO - Researched into search engine optimisation helped the design of structure and categorisation of products to get maximum visibility for relevant search terms.

Setup - Implemented everything needed in order for the site to be to be loaded with products to sell.

Maintain - We help grow this website as business grows.

Ongoing support

Once your new website is live, you can rest assured that you have:

  • Ongoing access to high-quality technical support
  • The ability to add new features at a future date
  • Marketing advice and website audits / reviews when you need them
  • Access to visitor statistics and analytics

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