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Sussex Festival of Performing Arts

Sussex Festival of Performing Arts appointed us to create a custom dynamic web application for its clients to allow them to book and pay online for their dance classes.

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Online Flexibility

This tailor made web application gives visitors the flexibility to book their dance classes and pay with a secure online payment service. Makes it easier to visitors and offers Sussex Festival's services to be available and accessible to everyone anytime from anywhere, therefore increasing customer loyalty and customer retention, increasing revenues and growing your business.

The system allows registrations for schools or private users and enables them to add unlimited performers. The program retains performers accounts for future dance classes and dance competitions. Schools or private accounts can login and book classes for their performers. Then they can either save the entries or pay online safe and secure.

This custom web application has an integrated dashboard with tools and monitoring for use by the administrators. The current system reduced dramatically the administration time required in the past and has given the chance to Sussex Festival to serve its clients efficiently. The application allows you to export reports in pdf and csv formats too.

The system is designed to work on any electronic device (computers, tablets, smartphones) allowing flexibility to users who are on the go.

Support & Maintenance

We keep the system and its libraries up to date and make scheduled improvements and technical changes to the application over time to make sure performance is at its best. We combine the process with user testing to make sure the application is easy to use and friendly for non-technical users.

Software tailored to fit your needs

We do more than just provide high quality applications. We work very closely with our customers to co-develop a solution that fits individual needs. This is a custom software so we are open to discuss with you extra features you may need to cover your business's needs. We will make sure you are satisfied with a flexible solution to meet your demands!

Increase profits, get more bookings and increase customer satisfaction with a sophisticated application. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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