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Dental Referral Application

Dental Referrals application is a powerful tool for practices to get new patients and to increase profitability. Dental Referrals application is an online secure system which enables you to get instant referrals electronically, saving time and cost on referrals sent by post.

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Online Flexibility

Dental Referrals is a comprehensive online based system that allows clinicians to process patient referrals over the web electronically in a easy, fast and secure way. Referring dentist can fill patient's details, upload X-rays pictures, notes and finally send the information to referring clinician with just a few clicks. There is a complete and secure communication between referring dentist and referring clinic throughout the referral period, allowing both parties to attach documents. This means less paperwork, fewer errors, reduced storage requirements and less wasted time.

Extra Features

Referred clinician receives the referrals instantly with a notification coming to their mobiles and emails. Referring clinicians will also have a secure login, where they can access the referrals, acknowledge the patients and send any further information back to the referring dentist.

Referred clinic has access to a back office section, a reports page and an administration page.

In the reports page you can see statistics such as number of referrals per referring dentist, per month, per year and the total referrals. Also you can view separately the number of referrals per patient status (i.e. Under Review, Treatment Started, Treatment Completed etc). The reports can be printed or exported to pdf or excel files.

In the administration page you can find a list of the referring dentists or clinics and view or edit their details and status. The list of referring dentists or clinics can be printed or exported to pdf or excel file. Also you can set the names of the dentists working in the referring clinic and different patient statuses.

Support & Maintenance

We keep the system and its extensions up to date and make scheduled improvements and technical changes to the application over time to make sure performance is at its best. We combine the process with user testing to make sure the application is easy to use and friendly for non-technical users.

Software tailored to fit your needs

We do more than just provide high quality applications. We work very closely with our customers to co-develop a solution that fits individual needs. This is a custom software so we are open to discuss with you extra features you may need to cover your business's needs. We will make sure you are satisfied with a flexible solution to meet your demands!

Benefits at a glance

  • Secure access to the system from anywhere, anytime
  • Different user access control levels
  • Excellent communication between reffering and referred parties
  • Supports file uploading and notifications
  • Administration section for clinics, patients and dentists
  • Statistics and reports analysis
  • Compatible with all devices (computers, tablets, mobiles)
  • Customisable to your clinical requirements

Increase profits, get more referrals and increase customer satisfaction with a sophisticated application. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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