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Web design and development

We have a passion for designing and creating good looking websites.

Pandora Web Design is a global web development company based in Brighton. Established in 2005, Pandora Web Design works with clients all over the world delivering web design and web development solutions with attention to simple and stylish designs. Simplicity is the key for a user friendly web page, where users can easily and quickly find the information they need.

We are a team of experienced professionals capable of delivering innovative and effective technical designs. We have years of experience in web design as well as a rich knowledge on web development. We have been building websites on a variety of projects ranging from small designs to large complex web applications.

Our aim is to create well designed and usable websites, delivered on time and on budget, to fully satisfy our clients throughout the world. The websites we create are bespoke and tailored for each client's business to attain their requirements.

Your website will be designed with compliance to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards. W3C standards are protocols, specifications and guidelines for quality guarantee that assure long-term growth for the Web. Websites that comply with W3C web standards have greater chances to appear more in popular search engines. Validate this website by clicking here.

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